Did you know that dialysis technicians are an instrumental part of the process that is used to tend to those receiving kidney dialysis treatments? Dialysis technicians play an important role in the healthcare industry and hold several critical responsibilities including the maintenance and operation of dialysis equipment.¹ With specialized education and training geared toward helping dialysis patients throughout their care journey, dialysis technicians spend a great deal of time with each individual before, during and after each treatment. If you hold a desire to care for and help others, then you may want to consider pursuing dialysis tech training—but in order to pursue a role in this career, there are certain steps you’ll need to take. …Now, you might be wondering what those actionable steps are? Continue reading as we break them down, as they may assist you on your journey should you decide to pursue a dialysis tech program!

1. Find a Dialysis Tech Training School That Can Help Make you Career-Ready

Dialysis tech training schools could help prepare students with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed or gain entry-level employment as a dialysis technician. However, to ensure that you are gaining the most knowledge and truly building your skill set, you should search for programs that offer both hands-on training options and externship opportunities. Hands-on training could help you gain the skills needed to use and care for dialysis machines, understand the safety and sterilization standards or use precise documentation before, during and after procedures. Therefore, you may not only gain the foundational knowledge needed for this role, but you might also put those principles into action! Additionally, certain programs may offer externships where students can be submerged in a healthcare facility and given practical experiences. By seizing this type of learning opportunity, you can learn the skills needed to work as a dialysis technician in a real-life work setting and get you oriented to the daily workflow and proper patient care techniques. You should definitely feel empowered to take the time to research the best program for you. After all, there are several factors to consider including the availability of financial aid, proper school accreditation, scheduling conflicts, faculty support or even career services to help you search for jobs upon graduation. You want to ensure that the program is best for your lifestyle and your career objectives. Think of it this way: the care that patients desire from a dialysis technician and the entire care team is the same care you would desire from a dialysis tech program.

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2. Enroll in a Dialysis Tech Program

After you have taken the time to do your research and feel confident in your decision, now you need to enroll! Some programs may require applicants to:
  • Be in good health and physically able to perform the duties of a dialysis tech
  • Provide immunization records
  • Complete necessary admission forms
  • Interview with the Program Chair

3. Obtain Your Dialysis Tech Certification

In order to begin working as a dialysis technician, you’ll have to successfully finish your program and attain your certification. This certification can be a good indicator of your level of knowledge within this field as well as your level of passion to help patients. By completing a dialysis tech program and earning a certification, you may differentiate yourself from others and stand out in a pool of job applicants.

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