From collaborating with other stylists, helping clients look their best for the camera, or creating new looks with makeup and hair – becoming a cosmetologist could be the cutting-edge career you’ve always desired. Helping others look their best can be fun and exciting. Think about it, you can be a part of special moments from a first haircut, prom, wedding, engagement and so much more! A cosmetologist can help clients feel their beauty from within, and the price of their joy is invaluable.

The possibilities in the cosmetology field are endless as there are always emerging trends. You’ll be a lifelong learner who can display your creativity and passion daily. Attending cosmetology school is the first step toward a career that has a wide range of opportunities. If you have a high school diploma or GED, you could be on your way to becoming a cosmetologist in a short amount of time. Continue reading as we share the steps on how to become a cosmetologist. Your dream career awaits!

Step 1: Decide On A Cosmetology School That Can Help Launch Your Beauty Career

When you are ready to take your passion for beauty to the next level, it is important that you select a cosmetology program that covers all the bases. Choosing a cosmetology school is an important decision that could have an impact on your future career in the field. Select a program with accreditation and dedicated instructors and staff, that strive to provide students with the experience and knowledge necessary to not only pass the state licensure exam but to become a successful cosmetologist.

Take the time to research and explore potential beauty schools in your area to make sure you choose the school that best fits your goals! We advise contacting beauty schools near you to request information and learn more about what their program has to offer. Some of the most valuable cosmetology schools are those that offer in-class instruction as well as hands-on training. Hands-on training allows the student to learn and perfect their techniques and establish confidence in their skills. In addition to technical skills, hands-on training can also teach you how to communicate with your clients effectively. In your program, you will fully be able to express your creativity! You are encouraged to try new things and learn by trial and error.



Blue Cliff College’s Cosmetology School maintains current certification and accreditation. Accredited by the Mississippi State Board of Cosmetology and the Louisiana State Board of Cosmetology.

Step 2: Pass your Cosmetology License Exam with Flying Colors!

Beauty and brains are a great combination! If you have completed the work in your beauty school program, studied, and are passionate about the field, you have the opportunity to pass your cosmetology license exam!

Before signing up for your licensing exam, make sure you are familiar with your state’s licensing requirements, as they vary from state to state (1). The state board exam will test you on your beauty concepts, skills, practices, safety procedures, and more. The most effective way to prepare is to study and to take advantage of your experienced instructors from your cosmetology courses. The best program offers instructors willing and eager to help students fulfill their maximum potential in mastering the skills necessary.

To gain confidence for exam day, familiarize yourself with the structure and rules of the cosmetology exam so you are not caught off guard when you arrive at your testing facility. If you pass your state licensing exam, it could be a stepping stone towards your future. Be proud of what you have learned and applied.

Step 3: Start Applying For Your Dream Job As A Cosmetologist. You Can Do It!

The field of cosmetology is wide-ranging and offers many different career paths to pursue in the case that you’ve received your certification. If you pass your licensing exam, begin drafting a resume that highlights the skills and techniques that you have acquired in your cosmetology program. Salons enjoy seeing the work you have done, so start a portfolio to show potential employers your beautiful work! Remember your instructors from your cosmetology program want to see you succeed, and they would usually be more than happy to write you a letter of recommendation for a potential employer. Attach your recommendations to your resume upon application.

As a cosmetologist, you could have the capability to work in a position where you can be your own boss. You can work in a spa or salon (2), you may be a regular employee, or you may work independently and get paid based on the clientele you bring in. You could have an opportunity to enjoy a flexible schedule that works around your current commitments. To begin, there are a variety of entry-level cosmetology careers that you can choose from if you complete your cosmetology program and pass the cosmetology license exam. To list just a few, you could pursue a career as a:

  • hair color specialist or stylist
  • manicurist
  • makeup artist
  • cosmetic salesperson
  • and so much more!

Begin to build your clientele by accepting walk-ins, building a referral program, and promoting your work on social media outlets. Word of mouth is a great way to grow clientele and maintain customer retention.

In the event you were to gain employment in the industry, you may realize that it is one of the only fields where you are able to make others feel beautiful and empower them every day!

Begin Your Hands-On Cosmetology Education at Blue Cliff College

There’s no time like the present to get started on your journey to a future in beauty! Blue Cliff College prepares students for their cosmetology licensing in the following states: Mississippi and Louisiana. Licensed by the Louisiana and Mississippi State Boards of Cosmetology.

Blue Cliff College offers Cosmetology at the following campus locations: Alexandria, LA, Houma, LA, Lafayette, LA, Metairie, LA and Gulfport, MS.

Blue Cliff College provides business and professional training, helping you to prepare for your future in Cosmetology. At Blue Cliff College, financial aid is available to those who qualify. Flexible scheduling is also ­­available, you can earn your cosmetology diploma on your schedule as we offer both day and night time schedules for working adults. Day classes can finish in as promptly as 12 months. Night classes can finish in as swiftly as 19 months.