Mission Statement

Blue Cliff College is a community-based organization committed to educating individuals in their quest for employment or career advancement.

We achieve this by creating dynamic local learning environments that are accessible, affordable and student-focused for individuals who might not otherwise have opportunities for a post-secondary educational experience.

Our measure of success is defined by student technical and academic achievement, graduation and employment in the career field of their choice.

Institutional Philosophy

Our Philosophy is to inspire students to strive for excellence and to achieve maximum personal potential.

Blue Cliff encourages each student to aspire to be the best he or she can be in academic, business, social, professional, and personal endeavors. Whatever the academic interest, we strive to provide the best education possible. Our emphasis on curriculum, low student-teacher ratio, and practical experience will ensure that the Blue Cliff graduate has been meticulously prepared.

Frequently Asked Questions

Blue Cliff schools are accredited by the Accrediting Commission for Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC), a national accrediting body for career schools that is recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. This recognition establishes student eligibility for federal Title IV financial aid. Detailed information about ACCSC and its standards of accreditation can be found here.

As of January 1, 2022, Blue Cliff schools had the following student census levels:

  • Alexandria campus: 212
  • Gulfport campus: 201
  • Lafayette campus: 192
  • Metairie campus: 531
  • Alexandria Online: 160

Blue Cliff College schools report annually to the federal government on racial, ethnic, gender, income diversity, and on how many students are at income levels that qualify them for Federal Pell Grants. For a chart that provides diversity data by individual Blue Cliff campuses, please click here.

General information about the careers represented at Blue Cliff College can be obtained from the Occupational Outlook Handbook of the Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics here. Type the job title (e.g., medical assistant) into the search box.

More specific information about typical jobs obtained by Blue Cliff graduates can be obtained by emailing the Corporate Director of Career and Student Services, Ms. Amanda Roy.

Blue Cliff College cannot guarantee that its credits or hours will transfer to other schools or colleges. Individuals must contact the institution of interest to learn about their transfer policies. For a full explanation of Blue Cliff’s credits or hours transfer to other schools see page 57 of the school catalog.

Blue Cliff will be pleased to accept credits achieved at other schools and colleges provided that the coursework is similar to Blue Cliff’s and that the student passed with a “C” or better. There are also other ways to receive advanced standing including proficiency testing. For a full explanation of Blue Cliff’s transfer credit and advanced standing policies, see pages 12-13 and 44 of the school catalog.

Tuition and fees in effect at Blue Cliff College are available through the catalog, please see pages 16-19, 119-120 and 146. Please be advised that rates are subject to change. To confirm the catalog rate, please contact your local campus. The school refund policy is also published on pages 20-26 in the catalog.

Detailed information concerning financial aid is available through the school catalog on pages 28-34. Information concerning federal financial aid is also available through a number of U.S. Department of Education publications available here.

Questions concerning financial aid can also be addressed to Jackie Greer, the Corporate Director of Financial Aid.

Each year, Blue Cliff schools report campus crime statistics to the U.S. Department of Education as required by the Clery Act. For a copy of Blue Cliff’s College Annual Security Report, click here. For charts providing the most recent Clery Act data, please click on a campus link below:



Blue Cliff College has zero tolerance for drugs and alcohol on campus and all enrolling students must agree that he or she will abide by the federal Drug Free Schools and Campuses Act. Blue Cliff College Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Policy, including penalties concerning drug and alcohol use, distribution or sale, can be found here.

Blue Cliff College will make every reasonable effort to accommodate students who disclose physical and intellectual disabilities upon enrollment, although prospective students should be aware that some career programs offered by Blue Cliff lead to employment where certain physical abilities are essential. For a general description of Blue Cliff’s policies in this area, see page 15 of the school catalog, available here. To discuss particular circumstances, contact the Admissions Director at your local campus.

Some Blue Cliff allied health programs require that students get immunizations for certain infectious diseases. Many health-related employers have their own requirements for immunizations prior to employment. Blue Cliff’s vaccination policies and procedures are described in the school catalog on pages 13-15, available here.

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