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Licensed Practical Nursing Training

At Blue Cliff College, we want to help you find Practical Nursing programs in Louisiana that fit your academic goals! Our Licensed Practical Nursing diploma program prepares students in the cognitive, psychomotor, and behavior learning domains to prepare students for a career as a Practical Nurse. The curriculum is designed to challenge students to problem solve, develop critical thinking skills, and to understand legal, ethical, moral, and cultural issues of today’s health care communities. This Practical Nursing diploma program is aimed to prepare students to pursue entry-level positions in the healthcare industry!


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What does a Licensed Practical Nurse do?

The Practical Nurse is a vital member of a healthcare team. The Practical Nurse works under the direction of the Physician or Registered Nurse to provide patient care to assist with patient education, manage team nursing patient care delivery, and supervise unlicensed assistive personnel.

Build Your Resume with Valuable Skills Learned From Our Practical Nursing Classes

Blue Cliff College’s Licensed Practical Nursing diploma program could help give you the tools, training, and knowledge needed to build your resume as a Licensed Practical Nurse. With the help of our faculty and fully equipped medical labs, students could have the opportunity to receive hands-on training on how to handle medical procedures. The normal completion time for the Licensed Practical Nursing diploma program is 15 months. After completion of the program, graduates of Blue Cliff College’s Licensed Practical Nursing program could obtain the skills needed to excel in their future entry-level position.

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Where can Licensed Practical Nurses Work?

Licensed Practical Nursing Job Environments You Could Look Forward To Once you complete your licensed practical nurse course requirements, it is important to potentially choose a work environment that is better suited for your career goals! Different healthcare settings for Licensed Practical Nurses can include:
  • Hospitals
  • Nursing Homes
  • Mental Health Institutions
  • Private Homes
  • Community Health Clinics
  • Public Health Departments
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Louisiana is one of the top five states with the highest concentration of jobs and location quotients in the Licensed Practical Nursing occupation.

Ready To Begin Licensed Practical Nursing School?

Training in our Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) program in Louisiana includes:
  • Comprehensive coverage of cognitive, psychomotor, and behavioral learning disciplines.
  • Practical nurse skills and responsibilities, including patient care, assist with patient education, managing team nursing care delivery, and the supervision of unlicensed assistive personnel.
  • Problem-solving and critical thinking skills, with a focus on legal, ethical, moral, and cultural issues in the current healthcare environment.
  • Students will be placed in a variety of clinical settings throughout their academic program, which will provide them with a range of experiences in diverse populations, organizations, and agencies.
  • Students who successfully complete their practical nursing course requirements and clinical requirements in this program will receive a diploma in
  • Practical Nursing and be eligible to sit for the NCLEX-PN exam. Upon successfully passing the NCLEX-PN exam, they may become licensed as a Practical Nurse.

Blue Cliff College Admission Requirements

Admissions Requirements

In order to be admitted to any program at Blue Cliff College, an applicant must meet the following requirements:

  • Provide a High School Diploma or GED Certificate. Transcripts are required.
  • Provide a certified copy of their birth certificate, valid U.S. passport, permanent resident card, or naturalized certificate.
  • Complete a personal interview with an Admissions Representative and appointed PN program faculty
  • Be in good health and physically able to perform the duties and techniques required for employment in the student’s field of interest
  • Have the financial resources necessary to complete the program of study
  • Disclose any and all felony convictions and/or professional license revocations or suspensions to the college during the application process; additional information may be required
  • Not currently serving under any court-imposed order of supervised probation, work-release, school release or parole in conjunction with any felony conviction(s), plea agreement or any agreement pursuant to the Louisiana Code of Criminal Procedure (Article 893)
  • Acceptable placement exam score from one of the listed placement exams.
  • Be fingerprinted
  • Provide proof of health insurance
Graduation/Completion Requirements All candidates must meet the graduation requirements of the catalog in effect at the time of graduation.

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What does the Licensed Practical Nursing Program Cost?

*For a list of books associated with the Licensed Practical Nursing program, ISBN, and price click here.

Program availability and times vary by campus.

Financial Aid is available for those that qualify.

More about Careers as a Licensed Practical Nurse

For more information about a career as a Licensed Practical Nurse, please visit the U.S. Department of Labor’s O*NET website.

The Standard Occupational Code (SOC) for the career 29-2061.00 and the Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP) code for this program is 51.3901.

Learn more about Licensed Practical Nurse programs in Louisiana and licensing requirements here: Louisiana State Board of Practical Nurse Examiners

Campuses in Louisiana with the Licensed Practical Nursing Diploma Program

The Licensed Practical Nursing diploma program is available at the following Blue Cliff College campus locations:  

Metairie, LA

Main Campus
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