Consumer Information

In agreement with the Education Opportunity Act (HEOA), Blue Cliff is pleased to provide current and prospective students with access to various types of consumer information. In addition to the information found below, which is disclosed by program, you may also find other consumer information, listed by location, by accessing either of the following links:

Tuition/Fee Schedule

Tuition and fees in effect at Blue Cliff College are available through catalog addenda. A current catalog is available here but be advised that rates are subject to change. To confirm the catalog rate, please contact your local campus.

Transfer of Credit

Blue Cliff College cannot guarantee that its credits or hours will transfer to other schools or colleges. Individuals must contact the institution of interest to learn about their transfer policies. Blue Cliff will be pleased to accept credits achieved at other schools and colleges provided that the coursework is similar to Blue Cliff’s, and that the student passed with a “C” or better. There are also other ways to receive advanced standing including proficiency testing. For a full explanation of Blue Cliff’s transfer credit and advanced standing policies please contact your local campus.

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