Thinking About a Career in Healthcare? 3 Reasons to Pursue a Career as a Clinical Medical Assistant

If you are interested in the healthcare industry, enjoy helping people, are detail-oriented, and would like to work in an exciting, challenging career, then you may be the perfect candidate to pursue training as a clinical medical assistant at Blue Cliff College. Clinical medical assistants are integral parts of a healthcare team, who are on the front lines of dealing with patients and their needs. Doctors, nurses, and other medical personnel rely on clinical medical assistants to ensure the patient experience and medical office run smoothly. If this sounds like something you would like to pursue, then continue reading to learn why now is the time to pursue this important career opportunity.  

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1. There is a significant opportunity for employment growth for Clinical Medical Assistants

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment of medical assistants is projected to grow 18 percent from 2020 to 20301. With an aging population, plus the evolving needs in the healthcare industry, clinical medical assistants are needed more than ever to assist in a variety of duties in multiple types of medical settings. Plus, graduates of Blue Cliff College’s Clinical Medical Assisting program can then apply to pursue Blue Cliff College’s online Clinical and Administrative Medical Assisting Associate Degree program, which opens more opportunities in the healthcare industry.  

2. You can complete your Clinical Medical Assistant Training in as little as 9-15 months so you can start your new career

Blue Cliff College’s Clinical Medical Assisting day program can be completed in only 9 months; the evening program can be completed in only 15 months. Our program will provide students the opportunity to practice critical job skills such as taking vital signs, preparing patients, taking basic laboratory tests, and drawing blood. Students will also gain proficient experience with administrative duties ranging from scheduling appointments to handling billing and insurance. Our classes start every 6 weeks, so you can get started on a path to your new career right away.  

3. Clinical Medical Assistants can obtain employment in a variety of healthcare settings

Clinical Medical Assistants are found in many different healthcare environments, performing a lot of different duties. They wear many hats and are an integral part of a team. Clinical Medical Assistants can be found in the following medical facilities: • Doctor’s offices • Long term care facilities • Nursing homes • Retirement communities • Outpatient clinics • Hospitals Working in any of these settings present unique opportunities to assist patients and utilize the skills that Blue Cliff College’s hands-on Clinical Medical Assistant program teaches. Blue Cliff College also provides externship opportunities to students in the Clinical Medical Assistant program in these types of healthcare environments so students can determine which type of healthcare facility to apply to for employment upon graduating from the Clinical Medical Assisting program. Becoming a Clinical Medical Assistant provides many options for work environments and career paths.  

The Clinical Medical Assisting Diploma Program at Blue Cliff College

Blue Cliff College’s Clinical Medical Assisting Program prepares graduates to obtain the skills needed to excel in their future entry-level position. With the help of our faculty and fully equipped medical labs, students could have the opportunity to receive hands-on training on how to handle medical procedures. Our Clinical Medical Assistant school could help give you the tools, training, and knowledge needed to build your resume as a clinical medical assistant. Don’t let tomorrow pass you by! Contact Blue Cliff College today to start turning your passion for helping people into a meaningful career!  

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