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Cosmetology Night School

Are you passionate about cosmetology, but don’t have time during the day to go to school? Are you a parent looking to take cosmetology classes, but can’t seem to fit college into your full schedule? It may be time to consider cosmetology night school! Evening cosmetology classes are perfect for busy individuals ready to gain their cosmetology training, but who can’t sacrifice their daytime responsibilities.

In a nighttime cosmetology program, students are encouraged to embrace their creativity while gaining important qualities such as customer service skills, physical stamina, time management skills, and more! Attending cosmetology school night classes provides the same benefits as a daytime cosmetology program but none of the hassle. Ready to learn more? Continue reading to discover what you could learn in a cosmetology night school and what it takes to get there!


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What You Could Learn in Cosmetology Night School

If you are ready to hone your creative abilities and learn new skills despite your busy schedule, then cosmetology night school could be the next step for you. Cosmetology night school classes cover all the same topics as a traditional daytime cosmetology program, including:

  • Introduction to Cosmetology
  • Fundamentals of Haircare
  • Nails
  • Hair cutting
  • Hairstyling
  • Hair Color Theory
  • Texturing Services
  • Skin Care and more!

If you are wondering, “What do you do in cosmetology school”, the list is endless! Through cosmetology classes, you could learn exciting cosmetology skills such as acrylic nail application, microdermabrasion, and even how to open your own salon! Cosmetology night school offers students all the benefits of traditional classroom learning coupled with hands-on salon sessions to turn knowledge into skill. In mock salon sessions, students can practice hair cutting techniques, applying facials, principles of hair design, nail care, and more!


Why You Should Attend Cosmetology Classes

To become a certified cosmetologist, you are required to graduate from a state-approved cosmetology program, but that is not the only reason to attend cosmetology night school. According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, employment of cosmetologists is projected to grow 19% from 2020 to 2030, resulting in 85,000 plus job openings each year¹!

With the market for cosmetology services being very competitive, cosmetology night school helps students become multifaceted in their skill set, giving them a competitive advantage over those who only style hair or do nails. Enrolling in cosmetology classes could be the right choice if you want a competitive edge in the industry and see yourself doing this as a career.


How to Start Cosmetology School and Become a Cosmetologist

After graduating with your high school diploma or equivalent, aspiring cosmetologists may apply to a state-approved cosmetology program and begin receiving cosmetology training! The next step is a licensing exam. Many states require students to pass a written test to prove they have the knowledge and skills required for the job. A licensing exam could also include an oral or skill application test where students display what they have learned².

Once these requirements have been met, most states only require payment of a small fee to become a fully licensed cosmetologist!


How Long Does a Night Cosmetology Program Take

If you are wondering, how long is cosmetology training? You could start and graduate sooner than you think! Though many careers take years of college education, cosmetology night school takes about 19 months to complete and includes about 1500 hours of training. After 82 credit hours of cosmetology training, students are qualified to jumpstart their cosmetology careers and begin pursuing what they love upon certification.


Earn Your Diploma Through Cosmetology Night School at Blue Cliff College

If you are ready to begin cosmetology training and have been searching “cosmetology night schools near me” it may be time to consider Blue Cliff College. The Cosmetology Diploma Program at BCC is designed to prepare you for a fulfilling career in the beauty industry. Through an innovative classroom experience and hands-on learning modules, Blue Cliff College is here to help you succeed. In as little as 19 months, you could graduate from the cosmetology night school at BCC and pursue certification.

BCC cosmetology classes are approved by the states of Louisiana and Mississippi, so you can start your new career upon certification. Don’t sacrifice your day job to pursue what really matters to you!


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Brian Maggio is the Vice President of Admissions and Marketing at Blue Cliff College, a leading provider of career training programs in the healthcare and beauty industries. With years of experience in the education and training industry, Brian has trained individuals nationwide in soft skills, sales, leadership, and training.

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