What Can I Do with a Medical Coding and Billing Online Diploma?


So, you’re considering pursuing a highly rewarding career within the healthcare industry as a Medical Coder and Biller? Did you know Blue Cliff College has made it even easier to study around your current commitments with our Medical Coding and Billing Online Diploma?

Blue Cliff College’s online Medical Billing and Coding classes provide the foundation to retrain in your own time. This allows you to focus on your current work and family obligations first while learning the health information management education requirements needed to embark on this superb new career.

A vocation that sees Medical Billers and Coders being sort after across the healthcare industry workplace spectrum, including working at:

  • Outpatient healthcare facilities
  • State, local and private hospitals
  • Veteran and sports rehabilitation centers
  • Medical billing and insurance companies
  • Law offices
  • Working from home

Studying for a Medical Coding and Billing Online Diploma can fast-track you towards this exciting healthcare profession. Blue Cliff College’s medical billing and coding courses will help utilize your excellent communication abilities, computer skills, and problem-solving tendencies. Setting you up to take the Health Information Management, Billing and Coding (HIMBC) certification exams.


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What Does a Medical Coder and Biller Do in The Healthcare Industry?

Medical Coders and Billers are pivotal across the entire healthcare industry to aid it in functioning smoothly. Without them, the gap between patient treatment, healthcare facilities expenditure, and a patient’s health insurance reimbursing these costs would be non-existent.

On a day-to-day basis, Medical Coders and Billers communicate with registered nurses and doctors while also liaising with insurance companies. Therefore the tasks can vary between;

  • Reviewing initial patient records
  • Interpreting doctor diagnosis comments
  • Identify the most efficient medical procedures
  • Translation into insurance codes
  • Prepare, submit and follow up on patient claims

Medical Coders and Billers essentially help lighten the workload of doctors and physicians. In addition, they become the middle person between patient care and the insurance companies covering treatment costs.

From a healthcare perspective, the role will undoubtedly benefit from having a great head for numbers and a natural problem-solving mentality. However, by undertaking a Medical Coding and Billing Online program, you will also learn additional technical skills needed, including;

  • Reviewing and understanding medical documentation
  • Data analysis, decoding, and interpretation
  • Error checking declarations
  • Formulation and submission of insurance claims


Is Becoming A Medical Biller and Coder a Good Career Move?

Definitely! As health information management is so critical to how the healthcare industry functions, the profession has become an invaluable cog in the system. Without it, there would not be a connection to care providers and settlement of patient treatment costs.

Due to the sheer volume of institutions and facilities that require this service, the demand, and variety of workplace environment is also hugely appealing. Traditionally the perception was that Medical Coders and Billers were hospital or clinically based. However, new and exciting opportunities are constantly arising as the healthcare industry continually expands.


Healthcare Workplace Opportunities

Nowadays, many Medical Coders and Billers can choose to focus on healthcare fields they are passionate about. For example, sports enthusiasts can work with sports and rehabilitation centers and are needed to coordinate treatment cost reimbursements for services such as physiotherapy or sports psychology.

Alternatively, Medical Coders and Billers geared more towards patient care and wellbeing can secure positions within outpatient clinics or institutions. Similarly, these services are required at nursing homes and palliative care facilities.


Alternative Workplace Opportunities

Opportunities within insurance companies and law firms are also available for those who enjoy a more structured work environment. Here Medical Coders and Billers help process claims internally or resolve issues to ensure the correct patient care is provided.

These roles are as equally important, with the responsibility for decoding and processing claim applications. Insurance companies and law firms rely on internal Medical Coders and Billers to ensure that the process remains highly efficient. They are also responsible for detecting claims errors to ensure the correct treatment and resulting payments are made.


Job Security

Due to the forecasted demand, the job outlook for Medical Coders and Billers is on the rise. So much so that the Bureau of Labor Statistics has calculated that the employment outlook is set to grow by an impressive 9%. Estimating approximately 34,300 openings for medical records and health information specialists are projected each year, on average, over the decade.1


Employment flexibility

Unlike some other professions within the healthcare industry, Medical Coders and Billers also benefit from the adaptable nature of the vocation. As the role is not often patient-facing, job positions are available that allow you to:

  • Work from home
  • Choose your own hours or work part-time
  • Be employed by more than one healthcare facility or hospital
  • Become your own boss through freelance or contract opportunities

As a profession, this offers Medical Coders and Billers the opportunity to work around family or external commitments. Remote working also provides Billers and Coders an incredible work vs. life balance too.


Strong earning potential and financial stability

Not only are the employment benefits fantastic, but becoming a Medical Coder and Biller is also a very well-paid position with plenty of career progression available. In fact, the BLS calculated that the median salary for Medical Coders and Billers was $44,090 in 2020, whereas the top 10% earnt over $73,370.2


Gain Your Diploma in Medical Coding and Billing Online Today

If you’ve been searching for “Medical Billing and Coding classes near me” and struggled to find Medical Billing and Coding courses that offers the flexibility needed to learn at your own pace. Then studying for a Medical Coding and Billing Online diploma is the perfect solution for you.

While online colleges that offer medical billing and coding specialists courses have become popular recently. However, unlike many of them here at Blue Cliff College, we provide the same great support and expertise to online students as those who attend our in-class Health Information Management, Billing and Coding (HIMBC) programs.

Studying online provides students like yourself with existing external commitments, the opportunity to retrain and start a fresh new career around these. Blue Cliff College’s Medical Coding and Billing Online program has been designed by experts in the field, focusing on the essential requirements and skills needed to take the certification exams.

These include learning and training in:

  • The human anatomy and physiology
  • Pharmacology
  • Medical laws and ethics
  • Patient data documentation, medical terminology, coding, and analysis
  • Medical billing technology and software applications
  • Preparation, submission, and processing of insurance claims

Blue Cliff College is one of the few online colleges that offer medical billing and coding specialists training with onsite experts to guide you. Blue Cliff College’s online billing and coding classes help remote learning students prepare for the required certification exams before embarking on a new career within the healthcare industry.


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