Skills for Success as a Clinical Medical Assistant

Essential Skills for medical assistant

So you’ve decided that you’d like to enter the healthcare industry as a Clinical Medical Assistant. Except you wonder whether you’re truly equipped with the necessary skills to succeed. Before you make any concrete decisions, let’s understand what skills are required. We’re talking about the skills without which one couldn’t possibly think of conquering a profession as a Clinical Medical Assistant.


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Communication & Patient Care

As a Clinical Medical Assistant, you’ll be the point of contact for many individuals in healthcare facilities. The entire healthcare team will be reaching out to you exchanging important bits of information throughout the day. With many important tasks to do, it might become difficult to transmit information that is clear and free of errors. But the healthcare industry is exactly the place where missing out on significant patient details could prove to be life-threatening.

In such a case, a Clinical Medical Assistant’s ability to collect, analyze, and order details in terms of urgency becomes crucial. Also, a Clinical Medical Assistant’s words should always offer a sense of calm and ease to the patient. A medical assistant has one end goal in mind; the patient’s health. The patient’s optimum care is a reason enough for all points of contact to become much easier to handle.


Clinical Expertise

Successful Clinical Medical Assistants understand the importance of paying attention to detail and obtaining accurate clinical results. Below are some of the skills that are essential to the career of a Clinical Medical Assistant:

  • Observing and collecting vital signs of the patient
  • Giving patients medicine and injecting them according to the doctor’s prescription
  • Operating the Electrocardiogram (ECG) machine and understanding its results
  • Performing emergency procedures such as Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
  • Drawing blood (Phlebotomy)
  • Operation of the life support machine
  • Thorough understanding of medical terminologies
  • Knowledge of all First-Aid procedures such as wound dressing


Medical Technology/Computer Skills

A Clinical Medical Assistant can’t possibly ace the work encountered on the job, without a basic level of technical expertise. Here is what a Medical Assistant may be expected to do on the job:

  • Use the hospital/healthcare facility’s software to schedule consultations, surgeries, etc.
  • Feed and maintain patient records by utilizing spreadsheets
  • Understanding the medical coding and billing software to submit an insurance claim


Administration Expertise

As already bought to attention, the role of a Clinical Medical Assistant involves being a point of contact between several individuals. Individuals from doctors, and nurses, to lab assistants, caretakers, and patients require cooperation from the Clinical Medical Assistant. Being able to perform the following managerial skills with ease could give you a jumpstart in your career:

  • Scheduling Appointments
  • Making important phone calls
  • Administrating all necessary care for optimum patient well being
  • Being able to quickly switch from desk to clinical duties


Organizational Skills

Organization is a skill that will make you successful as a Clinical Medical Assistant. The ability to organize all tasks given at work effectively will be pivotal in responsibly managing all patients’ health. This may entail:

  • Ensuring all patients are briefed before their medical procedures
  • Being able to structure the day to effectively organize clinical and administrative duties
  • Efficient note-taking to never miss a single important patient detail


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