How to Stay Connected While Taking Classes Online

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During recent days, many schools have moved their students to online classes. Taking classes online offers many benefits as long as you have a plan to stay connected and motivated. Here are some ways for students taking online classes to stay connected and engaged. Staying connected while taking online classes is very important, especially since there is some distance between students, instructors, and classmates. Check out our blog for suggestions on how you can stay connected while taking classes online.

Be Sure to Attend Every Class

The first thing students taking online classes need to do to stay connected is to make sure you attend each class. The greatest benefit of taking online classes is the flexibility to join from anywhere, thanks to the Internet! Although this flexibility is helpful, it’s so important to stay disciplined and attend every class at the allotted time. Don’t get distracted and let attendance slide. Attending every class, whether online or at the campus location, is very important. It’s so important to stay on track and not fall behind in your coursework. Attending every class also demonstrates to your instructor that you are engaged and taking the class seriously.

Actively Participate in Class Discussions

Most online classes will include a discussion component, which may occur during the class or outside of class. You will definitely want to participate! Class discussions provide you with an avenue to stay communicate with your instructor and classmates. These discussions can also be very beneficial to your learning, particularly if you require assistance or want to brainstorm regarding a class topic. It’s good for everyone involved in the class to share their experiences and perspectives in these discussions. Look at these discussions as a way to enhance your own learning.

Don’t be Shy if You Have a Question

Asking questions when you need clarification can be intimidating, for fear of what others may think, fear of sounding silly, or worrying that we are the only person who doesn’t understand a concept. If you need clarification, please make sure you ask…that is how we learn! IT’s even more important for students in online classes to ask questions, because your instructor may not always be able to sense that you need assistance (based on the look on your face). In order to make progress with any class (online or at the campus), you want to make sure you have satisfactory answers to any questions you may have before moving forward with the lesson. You don’t want to miss anything important.

Make the Most of Technology Tools

With respect to taking online classes, there are so many tools you can use to help you stay connected, engaged, and be productive. It gives students the opportunity to attend class from any place with an Internet connection and there are so many tools to use to communicate with instructors and classmates. Options include apps such as FaceTime, WhatsApp, Skype, or Zoom, plus you can always send texts and emails. Fully utilizing all of the available technology tools at your disposal can help you stay connected to classmates and instructors while taking classes online.

Reach Out to Classmates and Instructors

As part of your online learning, be sure and reach out to your instructor and classmates. These direct lines of communication are so important for success. Letting your instructor know you are present and engaged is important, especially if you need help. Classmates can be a great source of support too! Nurturing these relationships can help if you have questions on concepts, material or if you are looking for a study partner. It can also help you to stay motivated and focused on your classwork. Keep your eye on the prize!

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