Why Choose a Career in the Beauty Industry?

Why Choose a Career in the Beauty Industry

Career in Beauty Industry

Careers in the beauty industry are always in high demand. Everyone will always want to look and feel their best, and if you have a passion for helping them, a career in this industry could be right for you.

Let’s discuss the benefits of working in the beauty industry, what careers are available to you, and the requirements needed to start them.

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Benefits of Working in the Beauty Industry

Let Your Creativity Shine

A beauty career allows for endless creativity in each branch of it. For example, as an esthetician, you can come up with creative ways to bring out the best in your client’s skin or come up with beautiful makeup looks. A cosmetologist career allows you to constantly utilize creativity to create the most flattering hairstyles for your clients.

Help Others Feel And Look Their Best

The beauty industry is all about helping others. Whether it’s giving your client a new look to boost their confidence, making them feel pampered, or offering advice on how they can bring out the best look in themselves, it’s extremely rewarding.

Bond With Clients

The beauty industry requires a lot of socialization. It is a client-facing industry, so you will be offering excellent customer service at all times and even creating some new friendships along the way.

Create Multiple Career Profiles

When you complete a cosmetology accreditation program, there are so many careers that open up to you. You may find that your role encompasses a variety of skill sets that will allow you to be creative and market yourself in a myriad of ways.

Enjoy a Flexible Schedule

One of the best benefits of the beauty industry is that it’s not a regular nine-to-five gig. You can create your own schedule that works for you, whether it be full-time, part-time, or freelance.

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Develop a Creative Profile

In the beauty industry, you can make your own style and identity with your creativity.

Meet New People

In the beauty industry, you are always meeting new people from different walks of life. This is not only a great way to connect to different people, but these connections can also help you in your professional life.

The Beauty Industry is Recession-Proof

While there are no industries that are fully “recession-proof,” there are those that still do much better than others, no matter the economic turmoil going on around them. Most of these industries are necessities, like food production, repair services, and healthcare.

However, the beauty industry is included as a recession-proof industry due to the “lipstick effect.” The lipstick effect is a term that explains that while many are struggling financially, lipstick sales still tend to stay steady. This is because beauty and the desire to look good is a comfort that is much needed during economic turmoil.

What Careers Are Available in the Beauty Industry?

Hair Stylist

Hair stylists take on the responsibility of consulting and providing hair treatments for their clients. This can include washing, coloring, cutting, and styling hair. It’s a high-demand career, with most working in a salon. However, they can also start their own businesses or work with actors and models.

To become a hair stylist, an accreditation from a cosmetology school is necessary. The average salary for this career is $29,680, but it can vary greatly.

Nail Technician

Nail technicians focus their talents on a myriad of nail services for their clients.

These services could include:

  • Cleaning
  • Polishing
  • Exfoliating
  • Moisturizing hands and feet
  • Advising on treatments and styles

Their goal is to enhance a person’s natural nails, whether it’s with polish or acrylics. Most nail technicians work at a nail salon, while others start their own businesses.

Accreditation from a state-approved nail technician program or cosmetology school is beneficial to becoming a nail technician. This career has an average salary of $29,210 but can vary greatly.


A cosmetologist has a variety of skills up their sleeve, offering services related to hair, skin, and nail care. They tend to specialize in certain areas, like facial care, waxing, or permanent makeup.

Accreditation from a state-approved program or cosmetology school is necessary to fully enjoy the rewards of this career. This career has an average salary of $29,680 but can vary greatly.

What’s the Difference Between an Esthetician and a Cosmetologist?

While estheticians and cosmetologists work in the same industry and environments, they do have their differences. Estheticians focus solely on direct skincare, while cosmetologists specialize in working with hair and nails.

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Massage Therapist

Massage therapists assess and treat clients by manipulating their muscles and other soft tissues. The goal of this is to relieve pain, heal injuries, and promote relaxation and wellness.

The industry is projected to grow 30% by 2030, making it a career that is in high demand. Most massage therapists earn an average of $46,910 per year. To become a massage therapist, the education requirements vary by state, but most require 500 hours of study in a postsecondary massage therapy program and licensing or certification.

Salon or Spa Owner

Salon owners and managers handle the business side of responsibilities, like hiring and managing staff, finances, and branding. Because there are so many responsibilities that fall under their jurisdiction, the average salary for this career is $72,010. This can vary depending on the salon’s location, popularity, and clientele.

While anyone can be an owner or manager, it’s very helpful to have education in the area.


Dermatologists are a type of physician who specializes in diagnosing and treating conditions that involve hair, skin, and nails. This career requires a much higher level of education than some of the others on the list due to many of their responsibilities involving medical and surgical procedures.

An aspiring dermatologist will need to have a bachelor’s and medical degree, as well as an internship, residency, and fellowship programs. Though this career is difficult to get into, the average salary is $302,740.


Make-up artists can specialize in a variety of industries, from bridal make-up to special effects makeup. Special effects makeup includes transforming actors’ bodies with both makeup and prosthetics, and it allows for an immense amount of creativity.

To become a special effects makeup artist, a portfolio of previous work is required. It’s also helpful to take classes and earn certifications to broaden your skills. The average salary for makeup artists in Hollywood is $124,380.

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