5 Tips for Making the Most of Cosmetology School

what you learn in cosmetology school

Studying Cosmetology is an amazing way to build a fantastic new career, pairing your skills and passions to do something you love. Cosmetology school allows you to hone your natural creativity and teaches you a range of Cosmetology skills to help you select a career path that suits you.

At Cosmetology school, you will learn industry secrets, techniques, and the skills involved in:

  • Hairdressing, styling, and coloring
  • Cosmetics application and best practices
  • Manicures and pedicures
  • Waxing and sugaring

Here at Blue Cliff College, we wanted to help by putting together our industry expert instructor’s top five tips. These will help you get maximum value out of your Cosmetology classes when learning how to become a cosmetologist.


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#1 – Timekeeping

Possibly the most important habit you can embrace as a cosmetologist is becoming a great timekeeper. It’s just as important to be punctual when you’re in Cosmetology School as when you’re taking on clients after graduation.

Always try to arrive early as this allows you to prepare for every occasion and setup, as reliability helps you make great impressions with your:

  • Course Instructors
  • Classmates
  • Colleagues
  • Customers

Remember, winning clients and customers is hard; losing them by failing to show up for appointments or showing up late is much easier!


#2 – Organization

As a Cosmetology student, you should embrace organization as a skill and add it to your Cosmetology skills list. When learning how to become a cosmetologist, these attributes are effective tools on a day-to-day basis in the classroom and the salon.

Cosmetology is an appointment-based profession. Running an organized schedule helps to prevent appointments from overlapping and allows for preparation between appointments making it another essential skill. Maintaining and organizing your tools also avoids disrupting appointments midway through by ensuring nothing from your Cosmetology kit is missing.


#3 – Mistakes Happen, But Learn From Them

When studying at a beauty school, the first thing many students learn is: mistakes happen!

But don’t worry; your mistakes will be the fastest way to learn and perfect your beautician skills! In Cosmetology school, you will be attempting new techniques all of the time. So if something fails the first time around, you have the chance to work out why and correct it next time.

There is no shame in making a mistake. However, listening to tutors’ constructive feedback will improve your knowledge base and experience by helping you avoid making the same mistake twice.


#4 – Practice, Practice, Practice

It’s no secret that to become good at something, you have to practice. This is also true for Cosmetology skills.

When attending Cosmetology school, it’s essential to put your learned skills into practice. Blue Cliff actively encourages this with our student salon, which offers students the chance to work in a simulated salon environment.

Here you can practice, practice, practice with excellent supervised guidance, helping you master every technique in the program. Combining the theoretical and practical elements not only prepares you for the certification exams but also gives you a solid foundation as a cosmetologist.


#5 – Always Ask Questions

Here at Blue Cliff College, we actively encourage students to ask lots of questions. So often, the fear of asking questions keeps students from learning things they are unsure of at beauty school.

If there is one thing internet search engines have taught us, it’s that there is no question that hasn’t been asked before. So, take the time to ask questions by speaking to:

  • Blue Cliff College’s tutors
  • Cosmetology school guest speakers
  • External Salon and Spa owners
  • Students nearing graduation

Remember, they have all had to ask these questions themselves at some point too!


Start An Amazing New Career at Blue Cliff College’s Cosmetology School

Taking pride in making people feel good about themselves is a rewarding career. Here at Blue Cliff College, our Cosmetology classes, combined with our student salon, will help prepare you for the Mississippi and Louisiana Board of Cosmetology certification exams.

After graduating from Cosmetology school and passing the certification exams, a flourishing career in Cosmetology awaits you. With a strong career outlook of 19% growth with over 110,500 openings projected each year, on average, over the next decade by the Bureau of Labor Statistics¹, Cosmetology is both a fulfilling and an incredibly stable profession to enter into.

So, if you are at least 16 years of age and meet all state requirements for the Mississippi and Louisiana Board of Cosmetology, get your new career kick-started with Blue Cliff College!


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