What are the Benefits of Enrolling in an Online-Only Program?


Have you been thinking about training for a new career, but feel you may have a hard time managing your other responsibilities, such as home and family? If so, an online-only program may be a great fit for you! If you are ready to learn more about how an online-only program can help you achieve your career goals, read on, as we will explain several advantages that online learning can provide.

Benefits of online classes for Students:

1. Online-Only Programs Offer Students More Flexibility

One great benefit of an online-only program is that it offers flexibility. If you are juggling a job, and family life, then this is the type of program you can benefit from. You can attend your class at any time; all you need is access to the internet to be able to see your classes. Having this flexibility means you can still keep up with your daily responsibilities and take classes when the timing suits your schedule.


2. Learn At Home! No Commuting To School!

A great benefit of an online-only program is that there is no commute to and from a physical campus. If you are busy juggling other daily commutes, such as driving kids to school, getting back and forth from a job, etc., it is a great option to be able to work on your classes at home. Taking classes online can help you save money on commuting to school, whether you would be spending money on gas for your car, or paying for public transportation. Online classes eliminate this commute time and spend, offering another convenience, while you’re training for a new career.


3. Better Ability To Focus With Less Distractions

Some of our students have found that online-only classes allows them to minimize distractions. By taking classes online in a space of your choosing, there probably won’t be other students in the same vicinity and you won’t be exposed to as many sights and sounds as you would be in a typical classroom setting. The important thing to remember to be successful while taking online classes is to choose a quiet space where you are free from distractions so you can concentrate on what’s going on in the virtual classroom. This ties into the benefit of greater flexibility, as you can choose your study space and the timing to spend in the virtual classroom.


4. You Can Become More Disciplined And Focused

Taking part in an online-only career training program requires discipline and structure. It’s important to make sure online-only students stay up-to-speed on all of the material being covered in classes and have a clear understanding of the expectations to maintain satisfactory academic progress. Participating in an online-only program can give you the opportunity to become more disciplined. You can also improve your communication skills, as you will be communicating primarily online, rather than in person, which is another great skill to have when entering the workforce, as more and more communication is being handled electronically.

So there you go! If you have been considering furthering your education, but need flexibility, it would behoove you to consider one of Blue Cliff College’s online-only programs. There are many benefits to this type of education, including those mentioned above and more. All the best to you in your educational journey and we at Blue Cliff College would love the opportunity to help you get started.


Online-Only Training Programs At Blue Cliff College

Blue Cliff College offers online-only training programs to choose from. The online-only programs at Blue Cliff College have been designed to present students with the knowledge and skills needed in order to pursue a new career while being immersive, fun and interactive. They have been designed and created by trained and licensed instructors and can be completed in as little as 9 months. The online-only program offerings at Blue Cliff College include:


Diploma programs

Health Information Management, Billing and Coding 

Medical Office Administration


Associate Degree programs

Health Information Management, Billing and Coding

Candidates must possess a diploma in Health Information Management, Billing and Coding in order to enroll in the Health Information Management, Billing and Coding Associate Degree program.

Clinical and Administrative Medical Assistant

Candidates must possess a diploma in Clinical Medical Assisting in order to enroll in the Clinical and Administrative Medical Assistant Associate Degree program.


If you’re interested in training to pursue a new career, please contact Blue Cliff College today! We would love to help you get started with your training!

Brian Maggio is the Vice President of Admissions and Marketing at Blue Cliff College, a leading provider of career training programs in the healthcare and beauty industries. With years of experience in the education and training industry, Brian has trained individuals nationwide in soft skills, sales, leadership, and training.

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