3 Reasons to Enroll in Clinical Medical Assistant Programs

clinical medical assistant programs

​Now more than ever, the healthcare field needs people to join the fight. Will you answer the call? There are many people with critical roles who keep the healthcare field running smoothly. A Clinical Medical Assistant is one of them! They typically provide assistance to doctors, nurses, and other health care providers and patients. There are a variety of reasons to consider enrolling in Clinical Medical Assistant programs, continue reading for our top three!

Seize the opportunity to train to become a Clinical Medical Assistant!

1. Find Fulfillment in Your Clinical Medical Assistant Duties and Responsibilities

By becoming a clinical medical assistant and you could come home every day smiling, knowing you’ve helped someone in need. These professionals are at the forefront of patient care and are responsible for clinical duties and some administrative duties in a medical office. Their assistance to the medical office allows physicians to spend more direct time with their patients. Here are some clinical medical assistant duties and responsibilities you could be performing:

  • Taking and recording patient vital signs
  • Preparing patients for examinations
  • Entering patient information into medical records
  • Preparing blood samples for laboratory testing
  • And more1!

After successfully completing a training program, you could have the opportunity to execute these job duties daily and enjoy a rewarding and fulfilling career!

2. Clinical Medical Assistant Programs Made to Balance Your Daily Schedule!

If you’ve been considering a career as a clinical medical assistant, but you are concerned about the length of the program, don’t worry. With flexible class schedules, you could find the perfect balance! There are Clinical Medical Assistant programs that are expected to be completed in just about 9 months! Some programs even offer clinical medical assistant classes on a flexible schedule, which could allow you to complete your education in the most convenient way possible. What could be better than continuing to grow while making minimal changes to your daily schedule?

In the future, a career as a medical assistant could be just as flexible with scheduling! As a medical assistant, your career might have you working in an office with 24-hour service. This could allow you to choose different shifts depending on your lifestyle. Flexibility, flexibility, flexibility!

3. Choose a Work Environment That Fits Your Goals

Now is the perfect time to consider enrolling in Clinical Medical Assistant programs. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of medical assistants is projected to grow 23 percent from 2018 to 2028, which is much faster than the average for all occupations2! If you’ve been wondering, “where can a clinical medical assistant work?” clinical medical assistants can be flexible depending on their career goals! This means you could be working in hospitals, physicians’ offices, nursing homes, and more. With the future looking bright, take the first step to your new career as a clinical medical assistant today!

Enroll in the Clinical Medical Assistant Program at Blue Cliff College

If you have been looking at Clinical Medical Assistant programs, consider the clinical medical assistant classes offered at Blue Cliff College! We are dedicated to giving students the tools, training, and knowledge they need to help them succeed in a rewarding career as a clinical medical assistant. With our flexible clinical medical assistant classes, you could fit them into your busy schedule.

At Blue Cliff College, we are committed to providing clinical medical assistant classes that could prepare you to start your career as a medical assistant as soon as possible! Our program is designed to be completed in 9 months for students attending day classes, and 15 months for students enrolled in evening classes. The Clinical Medical Assistant classes at Blue Cliff cover clinical techniques, anatomy, physiology, and pathology of body systems, patient care and communication, pharmacology, and more!

Clinical Medical Assistant programs are offered in multiple Blue Cliff campus locations:

Take the first step of making your dream into a reality by enrolling in Blue Cliff College’s Clinical Medical Assistant program!

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