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You’ve always been intrigued by the beauty industry and often wondered what it would be like to be a cosmetologist and what you could learn in beauty school? We’re here to help you explore your passion and give you insight into what happens when you join a cosmetology school.

The world of cosmetology is a rewarding field. You get to work every day and help others look and feel great! If you want your work to be seen and desired by others, you must obtain beauty industry skills. Do your research and look for “cosmetology classes near me” and how you can become a licensed cosmetologist.

Continue reading to find out how you can further enhance your skill set, what you can expect to learn and what five skills are essential to earning a cosmetology certificate.


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# 1 Hair Cutting, Styling, and Coloring

Cosmetologists often spend most of their time in beauty school learning about hair. Cosmetology courses focus on different components of hair, such as coloring, haircutting, and styling. In the cosmetology course for hair, students learn about proper scalp and hair treatment and how to handle all types of hair.

As cosmetology classes progress, students dive deeper into skills such as how to cut and style hair. Students will learn how to style a variety of looks from the modeling industry to the wedding industry and familiar everyday looks based on popular trends. When clients choose their style, a hairstylist must know how to bring their vision to life.

The hair coloring courses will focus on safely using the chemicals and performing different coloring styles such as highlighting, low lights, ombre, full all-over color, and touch-ups. Hair coloring takes time because you must learn the proper mixtures and understand which colors work best for the client’s skin color and tone.

The goal of the cosmetology program is to have students be fully equipped with a wide range of services when it comes to working with hair. When selecting a beauty school, you want to make sure you choose a school with hands-on training taught by experienced instructors in a simulated student salon.


# 2 Makeup Applications

As a cosmetologist student, you can enroll in a makeup application cosmetology course. As a makeup artist, you focus on enhancing the face and bodies of your client by using cosmetics. Makeup is used as a miracle worker to cover scars, blemishes, and accentuate your client’s best features. To fulfill the mastery of makeup, you need to educate yourself and enroll in cosmetology courses that focus on color theory, makeup tools, makeup application tips and tricks, applying airbrush makeup and esthetics, and more.

Some things you’ll learn while training as a makeup artist:

  • Ensuring you are following all safety, sanitization, and hygiene standards
  • How to apply and remove makeup, eyelashes, or even appearance-changing prosthetics
  • How to maintain and choose the right cosmetics tools, and other supplies
  • How to collaborate with skin, nails, and hair experts who are working on the same client or clients

To work as a makeup artist in a salon or other places, you must complete training hours in a recognized cosmetology program to earn licensure.


#3 Obtain Your License at a Beauty School

How do you get a cosmetology license? First, you must complete a beauty school program. The next step is to complete all the State Board of Cosmetology Licensing Exam’s program requirements. According to the Bureau of Labor of Statistics, “All states require barbers, hairstylists, and cosmetologists to be licensed¹.”

Be sure to check the requirements in your state. This exam has specific questions that all cosmetologists need to know to work professionally. All the questions will test their knowledge of applying products, skincare, haircare, and more!


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