Have you been considering a career in healthcare? If so, that’s a great choice! Working in the medical field is challenging and rewarding for those with a nurturing spirit. It’s certainly an in-demand profession that has plenty of room for growth and advancement.

But which healthcare career should you choose? You may want to consider becoming a dialysis patient care technician. These skilled medical professionals are responsible for treating patients with chronic kidney failure and end-stage renal disease.

If working with patients in a medical setting as part of a healthcare team sounds interesting, then you’re in luck. There are training opportunities available to advance your dialysis patient care technician career. Let’s take a look at what is a dialysis technician does and how to become one.


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What is a Dialysis Technician?

A dialysis technician is a healthcare professional that works with patients who are on dialysis treatment. When kidneys can no longer clean toxins from the blood, a dialysis machine, and dialysis technician step in¹. A dialysis technician works closely with patients, nurses, and doctors to make sure this vital medical equipment runs smoothly¹.

A dialysis training program should be able to train their students in the proper use of the equipment while taking care of patients that are in need and have kidneys that are no longer functioning. They are responsible for many duties and tasks throughout their employment, including preparing patients for treatment, monitoring patients during dialysis and afterward.


What Are the Duties of a Dialysis Technician?

A dialysis technician’s job description includes working with and having sole responsibility for the dialysis equipment. Let’s ask ourselves the question “what are the duties of a dialysis technician?” The duties and responsibilities include:

  • Checking patient’s chart
  • Administering local anesthesia
  • Starting the dialysis according to the prescription
  • Checking the anticoagulant and fluid rates – adjusting if needed
  • Responding to any alarms or emergencies
  • Disconnecting and cleaning the machine
  • Recording a patient’s vitals signs¹

As you can see, dialysis patient care technicians have a lot to do! They’re needed to work extensively with patients and dialysis equipment while also maintaining accurate records and keeping the dialysis equipment clean. All this is done under the direction of physicians and nurses as part of a medical team.


How to Become a Dialysis Patient Care Technician?

Learning how to become a dialysis patient care technician is easy! You’ll need to search for a: “dialysis tech school near me” to find the right classes near you to learn the various dialysis technician skills and duties. Dialysis training program students could learn the skills and expertise to care for patients with renal disease undergoing dialysis treatment.

Dialysis technician training classes are the first step in launching your healthcare career. There may be additional certifications needed to gain entry-level employment as a dialysis patient care technician, depending on what state you live in. You may also do an externship to gain additional skills and experience, depending on your program.

Dialysis patient care technicians are on the front lines of medical care in the U.S. Medical facilities are in need of skilled and compassionate dialysis technicians to care for patients undergoing dialysis treatment. To start your journey, find the right dialysis technician training classes, enroll in the program, complete the course and externship and obtain your dialysis technician certification.


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After 12 months of successfully completed dialysis technician training classes, including an externship, dialysis technician program graduates will earn their diploma and be qualified for entry-level employment in dialysis clinics and hospitals.

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