Is an Esthetician Career Right for You?

esthetician career
Are you all about skincare, cosmetics, and anything beauty related? Do you love working with others? Those with a passion for helping people look and feel better should consider an esthetician career! There are pros and cons of an esthetician career, and we’ve highlighted some of the reasons to consider the esthetician career paths. There are several choices to have the opportunity to find a great job by enrolling in a school that offers esthetics. Let’s take a closer look.  

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Envisioning Your Esthetician Career Path

As an esthetician, you are a skin care professional. That means part artist, scientist, and educator. You’ll use your creativity to perform skin care and makeup techniques on your clients. You’ll be educated in analyzing their skin needs and then make recommendations about the best products for them [2].

What is it like Being an Esthetician?

Achieving your esthetician career goals can lead you to a fulfilling career. But what is it like being an esthetician? Every day is different! You’ll evaluate your clients’ skin condition and appearance and discuss available treatments and determine which products will improve clients’ skin quality. Other tasks can include:
  • Remove unwanted hair, using wax, lasers, or other approved treatments
  • Clean the skin before applying makeup
  • Recommend skin care products, such as cleansers, lotions, or creams1
Estheticians give facials, full-body treatments, and head and neck massages to improve the skin’s health and appearance. Some may provide other skin care treatments such as peels, masks, and scrubs to remove dead or dry skin. Others may visit their esthetician to improve the look of wrinkles and other signs of aging, acne, or hyperpigmentation, which is the presence of dark spots or dark areas of skin.

What are Some of the Job Opportunities for Estheticians?

Esthetician career paths can lead to a variety of careers, and they can hold the title of a skin care specialist. You could also be working in a number of different settings. As a skin care specialist, you could be working in salons, spas, or even nursing facilities. You could even work in a dermatologist or plastic surgeon’s office2. Esthetician career paths are ideal for students who enjoy being a part of the larger beauty industry while interacting with people and helping them with their skin and hair needs3. Fortunately, the job opportunities for estheticians are projected to be strong. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics adds estheticians in the skin care specialist category. The good news is that those positions projected to grow 17 percent from 2019 to 2029, which is much faster than the average for all occupations 4. Skin care specialist positions can be filled by individuals who complete an esthetician program. Before you can begin your esthetician career in a professional setting, all skin care specialists must finish a state-approved esthetics program and a practical and written exam for an esthetics license 5. Enrolling in a licensed esthetician school with hands-on training could enable you to gain the skills and experience to journey on a rewarding esthetician career path!

Get on Your Way to an Esthetician Career at Blue Cliff College

Complete your training in as little as 6 months* Are you still interested in an esthetician career? Then you’ll want to look for schools that offer esthetics courses. You can consider starting your esthetician career with the esthetics program at Blue Cliff College. Once you start your esthetician career training, you’ll find that it’s more in-depth than basic skincare. You’ll also need to learn human physiology and the industry’s professional standards, including the legal and ethical responsibilities of workers who interact physically with their clients. Learning professional business skills helps those in esthetician careers by building strong business acumen for advancement in the skincare industry. Attending a school that offers esthetics as Blue Cliff College gives you the scientific knowledge, artistic principles, and strong customer service skills you’ll need to succeed as an esthetician. The engaging environment at Blue Cliff is designed to help you develop the core skill sets needed for a successful esthetician career. We require our students to complete 780 hours of our Esthetician program (to meet Louisiana state requirements). With hands-on and in-classroom training, you’ll be on the path to success as an esthetician. Our program is only six to nine months long at our Louisiana campuses. So, what are you waiting for? Currently, our esthetics program is located at the following campus locations: Are you ready to take your esthetician career path to the next level? If so, then enroll at Blue Cliff College today to begin your esthetician journey! In mere months, you could be on your way to enjoying a highly rewarding and personally satisfying esthetician career doing what you love!  

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  Please see the regulations governing Esthetics in your State for specific information regarding acceptable practices for Estheticians. *Program completion times may vary depending on day/night classes Sources:

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