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Are you the friend everyone turns to for make-up tips and style ideas? Do you get a buzz from helping people feel great about themselves? If it wasn’t already on your radar, did you know you would be a perfect candidate for cosmetology school?

After all, wouldn’t it be great to harness your artistic flair and brilliant ideas to become a Cosmetologist where the opportunities are endless! By completing a cosmetology training program, you could pursue a fantastic career as a:

  • Film, TV, or Magazine Make-up Artist
  • Hairdresser, Colourist, and Stylist
  • Expert Nail Technician
  • Beauty Salon Manager or Owner
  • Freelance Cosmetologist

In just 12 months, you can turn your hobby into a career with Blue Cliff College’s flexible day and evening classes to learn on your own time. At Blue Cliff College, we can also offer affordable educational, financial aid, and tuition assistance to help you get started.


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Why Do You Need to Attend Cosmetology School?

On a practical level, to meet your state’s licensing requirements, students first need to graduate from a state-approved beauty school. So, it’s vital to attend a cosmetology program that provides you with the skills, experience, and confidence to take your state’s licensure exam.

However, on a far more compelling level… cosmetology school is a fantastic learning environment where you work with cosmetology experts in a classroom and a simulated salon setting. Here you’ll learn important trade and style secrets from experienced cosmetology instructors while studying with other like-minded students.


Great, So What Can I Learn at Cosmetology School?

Cosmetology school is the perfect environment for you to learn the fundamental skills needed to establish yourself as a professional Cosmetologist. Along with classroom-based learning, experienced instructors help students put classroom-learned skills and theories into practice in a genuine in-house salon setting.

Cosmetology training can also introduce you to a range of beauty skills to help you establish an all-around skillset and a platform to help you choose your preferred niche within the industry. These include:

  • Makeup artistry and skincare
  • Hairdressing and barbering
  • Hairstyling and coloring
  • Manicuring and pedicuring

At Blue Cliff College, our cosmetology program goes above and beyond the practical skills needed. Our experts also help prepare students with the fundamental skills to help them run or own a successful business or salon once qualified. These elements include recommended practices in:

  • Customer service and client communication
  • Salon and business management
  • Sales and marketing
  • Industry legal and ethical requirements


How Can I Qualify and Do I Need Any Experience?

The great news is that you can train for your cosmetology license without any prior experience! However, to meet the licensing requirements, students must meet the minimum required hours of training before taking the cosmetology licensure exam.

So, when you sign up for a Blue Cliff College cosmetology program, students receive the required 82 credit hours or 1,500 clock hours of training needed to pursue your state’s cosmetology license.


What Happens After I Graduate? Where Can I Work?

Once you have graduated from cosmetology school and passed the state licensure exam, nothing can hold you back. Now is your chance to capitalize on an exciting career in professional cosmetology!

As a licensed Cosmetologist, you can now explore your interests and passions to create an exciting career for yourself. With these new skill sets, you can apply for entry-level jobs in a variety of workplace and industry settings, including:

  • Beauty salons and health spas
  • Television and film studios
  • Cosmetic companies and manufacturers
  • Higher education and cosmetology training institutions
  • Work from home as a self-employed Cosmetologist

The future for Cosmetologists looks bright too! Even the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has projected that the overall employment of Cosmetologists is set to grow by an impressive 19% from 2020 to 2030!1 That’s more than twice the national average!


Kick-start your Cosmetology Career Off with Blue Cliff College

Here at Blue Cliff College’s Cosmetology School, we strived to build a cosmetology training program that will not only prepare you for the necessary state licensure exam. But also help you facilitate an extremely fulfilling career as a professional Cosmetologist.

With Blue Cliff College’s multiple beauty school locations across Louisiana and Mississippi, we can even save you time searching for “cosmetology programs near me.” With fantastic onsite facilities at all our campus locations, including;

You can complete our day class program in as little as 12 months or if you prefer evening classes, our flexible study program can be completed in 19 months. Start your incredible new career by learning around your current commitments and leave Blue Cliff College with a solid foundation to make your mark in the Cosmetology industry.


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