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Imagine a job where showing compassion and providing excellent care is the core value of all you do. From the moment you clock in, your number one priority is the patient. By helping patients in need, you realize this career is more than just a job — it is a labor of love. This is the life of a medical assistant and the perfect introduction to the medical field.

If you are looking to enter the healthcare profession and pursue a rewarding career, it may be time to consider medical assistant training. Medical assistant college courses could provide a strong bedrock for your healthcare profession and teach you beneficial medical assistant skills and abilities.

Now you can stop searching, “clinical medical assistant classes near me” and discover a clinical medical assistant school designed for you. Continue reading to learn how medical assistant training could advance your healthcare career and how you could become a medical assistant!


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A Day in the Life

Maybe you’re wondering, “What are the duties of a medical assistant, and what does this job entail?” Medical assistants operate in both clinical and administrative roles. A day in the life of a medical assistant could include helping someone with their bill or preparing a patient for an x-ray.

Whatever the task, medical assistants play a crucial role in the healthcare industry and in their patient’s lives. In a medical assistant training program, students learn how to perform common tasks such as:

  • Measuring vital signs such as blood pressure
  • Recording patient medical history
  • Preparing blood samples for lab tests
  • Administering injections or medications to the patient
  • Helping physicians with patient exams or procedures
  • And more!¹

Medical assistants perform these tasks in physician’s offices, hospitals, outpatient clinics, and other environments!² Some medical assistants even specialize in a specific type of medical office, like orthopedics or podiatry.¹ Each workplace could provide a glimpse into the healthcare sector and a chance to glean from seasoned medical professionals. By enrolling in a medical assistant training course, you could seize this learning opportunity and prepare for a rewarding future in the medical field.


Medical Assistant Skills and Abilities

Every career requires different skill sets to succeed and excel on the job. For the aspiring medical assistant, there are four skills that should be considered before choosing this profession. Important medical assistant skills and abilities to have include:

  • Analytical skills
  • Detail orientation
  • Technical Skills
  • Interpersonal and Relational skills³

Medical assistants use analytical skills for various tasks such as reading patient medical charts or coding medical records for billing purposes. Medical assistants also need attention to detail when filing patient info or labeling blood vials for lab tests.

Basic knowledge of clinical instruments and medical devices could prove useful when aiding staff to perform medical tasks. Being able to communicate well with others and carry yourself professionally could also benefit your career.

Do you see any of these skills in yourself? Are you lacking in some areas? No worries! Each of these medical assistant skills and abilities could be learned and expanded by enrolling in a clinical medical assistant school.


How You could become a Medical Assistant

Enrolling in a medical assistant training program is the first step to becoming a medical assistant. Many clinical medical assistant schools are designed to be completed in as little as one to two years.³ Completing this educational experience could be the steppingstone you’re looking for in the medical field and a strong foundation for future endeavors.

After successfully graduating, the next step is simple — apply for an entry-level position near you! With the Bureau of Labor Statistics projecting an 18% increase in the employment of medical assistants from 2020 to 2030, now could be a good time to pursue medical assistant training. 4 By taking medical assistant college courses, you could enter the medical field sooner than you think!


Blue Cliff College Medical Assistant Training: Your doorway to the Medical field

Are you ready to make your entrance into the healthcare world? Do you see yourself becoming a medical assistant? If you answered, “yes!”, consider medical assistant training with Blue Cliff College! In as little as 9 months, you could graduate from Blue Cliff College’s clinical medical assistant school and pursue your medical career!

Our highly trained professors will guide you through medical assistant college courses like medical terminology, anatomy, administrative procedures, and more! Each course helps prepare you for the real world of healthcare and the many tasks that come with it. Our Medical Assistant Training Program answers questions like, “what are the duties of a medical assistant” and how to complete those tasks in excellence!

At Blue Cliff College, you could learn a variety of medical assistant skills and abilities to aid you in your medical career. So, what’s holding you back? You have a vision for your future, let us help you get there. Enroll today in the Medical Assistant training program at Blue Cliff College!


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