Prime, Set, Glow! 3 Steps on How to Achieve your Cosmetology License

Do you love being creative? What if I told you there was a job that could make your visions come to life through art, from pencil to people. If you said “yes,” then a cosmetology career might be right for you! By pursuing a cosmetology license, you could have the opportunity to use your creativity to create styles and looks that are fresh and on-trend. Explore cosmetology career options near you and find out how to achieve your dream of beauty in 3 steps!


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1. How To Find the Right Cosmetology Training School right for you!

The first step is to find ‘best cosmetology programs near me”. You want to enroll in a cosmetology training school that will teach you how to start a successful beauty career. You want to make sure you select a cosmetology school with cosmetology career options that spark your interest. Cosmetology careers offered could include hair color specialist, manicurist, makeup artist, and more.

You want to ensure the program you say “yes” to comes with accreditation and provides students with completing cosmetology training requirements that pass the state licensure exam. A good cosmetology training school provides students with hands-on training. As the desired cosmetologist, you will need to know the field and the cosmetology training requirements to be successful.


2. How to Prepare for Cosmetologist State Licensing Requirements

Once you have enrolled in your dream school it’s time to start your training! To fulfill cosmetology training requirements, you must meet educational standards and training hours. Usually, getting a cosmetology license will take 12-15 months in school and fulfillment of 1,500 hours. Once you’ve completed your school requirements, the next step is taking the state exam.

The desired cosmetologist must sign up for their state licensing exam; make sure you are familiar with state licensing requirements as they vary from state¹. The state board exam will test your beauty concepts, skills, practices, safety procedures, and more. Take advantage of the courses, learn the material, and use experienced instructors to help master the requirements. You want to be prepared on testing day. When you plan, practice, and get ready, you could perform well with confidence. If you pass your state licensing exam, you are one step closer to your future in obtaining a cosmetology license!


3. How to apply to your dream job!

Once you have completed passed the state exam, you are ready to enter the field of cosmetology. You will go from working on mannequins to real people! Work on your resume to highlight what you learned from your experience at a cosmetology training school. Your creations’ portfolio helps you stand out from competitors as you show potential employers your creative cosmetology skills. Remember, as cosmetology alumni, use your resources. You may even be able to get letters of recommendation from previous professors who have seen your potential and growth from day one to now.

Once you graduate and have fulfilled all requirements, it’s time to build your brand! Remember to accept walk-ins, make a referral program, and promote yourself to grow. Word of mouth in this business is critical to increase clientele and maintain customer satisfaction. You could become a cosmetology instructor, a salon consulate, a spa owner, or create cosmetology blogs, etc². You could have an opportunity to enjoy a flexible schedule that works around your current commitments. If you were to gain employment in the industry, you might realize that it is one of the only fields where you could make others feel beautiful and empower them every day!


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There’s no time like the present to get started on your journey to a future in beauty! Blue Cliff College prepares students for their cosmetology licensing in the following states: Mississippi and Louisiana.
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Blue Cliff College provides business and professional training, helping you to prepare for your future in Cosmetology. At Blue Cliff College, financial aid is available to those who qualify. Flexible scheduling is also ­­available; you could earn your cosmetology diploma on your schedule as we offer both day and nighttime programs for working adults. Day classes could finish as promptly as 12 months. Night classes could finish in as swiftly as 19 months.
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