5 Ways to Balance Esthetician School and Life

How to Balance Esthetician School and Life

Enrolling in an esthetician school is a great first step. There’s so much to look forward to in an esthetician school, such as learning a new curriculum, making new friends, meeting beauty experts, and more! However, with every new milestone comes an potential obstacle: balancing life responsibilities with school. The key to having it all is balance – balance is the key to success!

Lucky for you, we formulated a guide on how to balance pursuing esthetician school while maintaining everyday life responsibilities. Take a look at the 5 ways to balance esthetician school and life!


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Set a Schedule: Identify Priorities

When looking to enroll in an esthetician’s program, an effective plan should be in place. The first thing to do is to establish a daily schedule.

Setting a schedule should include top priorities in life and school! Analyze the plan and see where there’s more flexibility. If it’s during the day, become a day esthetician student; if there’s more availability at night, go to night esthetician school.

Typically, a day esthetician program in the morning can take up to 6.5 months, and a night esthetician program can take up to 9 months and 3 weeks for completion.

When there’s no school, remember to complete the everyday life tasks! A consistent schedule is critical for balance; it helps manage and organize priorities.

As an an aspiring esthetician, gather these pieces of information to fit into your schedule:

  • Exploring what an esthetician is: A trained professional in skin treatments, facials, makeup techniques, and hair removal
  • Researching esthetician schools and inquiring if an esthetician program is accredited
  • Determining if prerequisites are met (Do you need a high school diploma or GED?)
  • Investigating course curriculum along with state requirements and certification
  • Emphasizing the importance of school schedule availibility!


Build a Routine

When a schedule becomes concrete, it’s time to build momentum. Momentum is built through routine and sticking to it!

Having a pattern in place will help tasks become manageable as they become frequent and familiar. Routines create healthy lifestyles and can promote health benefits such as reduced stress, better quality sleep, and better mental health.

Remember, unfamiliarity can be stressful initially, but good habits come into play once a flow is established. When a routine is in place, tasks can get more manageable, and goals become more realistic and achievable.

Although tasks can sometimes be overwhelming, routines help keep things balanced.

Routine Tips:

  • Wake up at the same time every day
  • Refresh yourself and eat a healthy breakfast
  • Review your to-do list for both life tasks and esthetician school
  • Be punctual
  • Go to bed at the same time every day
  • Do next-day prep such as picking your outfit the night before
  • Set yourself up for success; constantly prepare and study
  • Take a mental break when needed and keep in touch with loved ones


Have a Support System

The great thing about being in esthetician school is the connections that can form either with expert professionals or classmates.

Expert professionals were once aspiring estheticians, and current classmates are on the same journey.

The hurdle of a school-life balance is what everyone faces at one point. An esthetician program’s support system is a significant advantage because positive relationships are established. A supportive system is critical; you need people who encourage an esthetician’s journey and keep motivation flowing!


Be Motivated

Remind yourself of the “why,” the goals to achieve, and how life will improve as a licensed esthetician. School and maintaining life responsibilities can be a challenge, but we all know what is rewarding does not come easy. It can be managed as long as you work hard and do your best.

Esthetician school is where growth happens. It is the solid foundation for an esthetician’s beginning career. Strive to keep the motivation and results that can come from the efforts planted while in an esthetics program.


Make Time for Self-Rewards

Lastly, and most importantly, reward yourself for your accomplishments. Self-care and relaxations stimulate mental breaks and can give affirmation to continue to strive forward. All the hard work and effort need to be recognized. These breaks make maintaining estheticians’ school and life balance achievable.


Enroll in Blue Cliff College’s Esthetician Program!

Now that we’ve outlined how to maintain a balance between school and life, it’s time to pursue a career in esthetics! Being a student while carrying life responsibilities is achievable.

The esthetician program provides scientific knowledge, artistic principles, and hands-on practice needed to become a skincare professional. Students are introduced to professional industry standards, personal and career development, and legal and ethical responsibilities in an esthetics career. Graduates of this program are eligible to take the licensing exam required for an Esthetician.

If you’re interested in becoming an esthetician, you may be wondering how long it takes to complete an esthetician program. Typically, the day program can be completed in just six and a half months, while the evening program takes nine months and three weeks. Upon successful completion of the program and all other graduation requirements, you’ll be awarded a diploma in Esthetics, preparing you for an exciting career in the beauty industry.


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