Does the thought of choosing a career path stress you out… so much so that you need a massage to decompress? Well, you’re not alone. In fact, over 15 million adults in the U.S. used massage therapy in 2015, according to a survey released by the National Institutes of Health (NHI). With so many people turning to massage therapy for reductions in stress, pain or muscle tension coupled with improvements in flexibility and health, maybe you stopped and wondered: is this the career path for me? After all, you care about people quite deeply—just now that can be translated into deep tissue massages. So you crack those knuckles (after all, you’ll need the hand strength!), and begin your search for massage therapy training courses. But, how do you know which program is right for you? Here are five tips to consider when choosing the program best suited for you and satisfies your ‘kneads’:

1.) Ensure the Massage Therapy Training School is Licensed and Accredited.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), 45 states and the District of Columbia regulated massage therapy in 2016. In these locations, workers are required to earn a license or certification before practicing massage therapy—which can only be obtained through an accredited massage therapy training school. With an accredited school, you are not only securing a future career path but a value-packed training, too. As stated by the Database of Accredited Postsecondary Institutions and Programs, accreditation ensures that the education that is provided to students meets the acceptable levels of quality.

2.) Check if the School Offers Flexible Class Schedules.

Flexibility is all about the improvement in your range of motion, which is a benefit of massage. Why wouldn’t you want this fluidness to translate over into a flexible class training schedule, too? The reality of it all is, most of us can seem restricted in the ability to really stretch out our routines to accommodate any more responsibilities. The good news is there are training schools that offer a variety of day or night classes to accommodate your busy regime and give you that peace of mind. Don’t settle for a massage therapy training school that will easily break you by pressuring you to attend a class that isn’t beneficial to your lifestyle.

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3.) Find Out the Type of Massage Therapy Training Courses the School Provides.

Let’s face it, everyone learns differently. Some people are more textbook-savvy and retain information simply by reading. Others are a bit more hands-on and require practice. Being that massage requires, well, your hands—it’s important to really put the techniques to work! After all, attending a program that only offers one method of teaching doesn’t give you the essentials needed to effectively perfect the work of an expert massage therapist. Additionally, some schools specialize in just one type of massage therapy. Depending on your goals, you can most certainly choose this path. However, by attending a school that offers an array of different massages, you can broaden your skill set and make you not only more marketable to employers, but more experienced in helping future clients.

4.) Verify the Massage Therapy School’s Program Length.

Did you know that there are different training hour requirements needed for completion of a program depending on where you live? Most programs require at least 500 hours of study, but some require upwards of 1,000. Because of this, you will want to make sure that the school you choose matches the hours that you need. Otherwise, you might risk the potential of having to go back to school to finish the required hours.

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5.) Determine if the School Fits Your Career Goals.

Some schools focus solely on massage therapy, but others offer additional training programs. So really dig deep… not only into someone’s back or shoulders as they lay on the massage table but into your own brain and think: what are your career goals? Depending on your personal answer to that question, you will want to choose a school that reflects your goals and passions. Find the program that suits you.

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