How the New COVID-19 Vaccine May Affect Careers in Healthcare

covid 19 vaccine

The world celebrated a momentous occasion earlier this month with the approval and the beginning of administrating the new COVID-19 vaccine to front-line medical workers. This is truly an historic event, as this vaccine release is the fastest in history and will hopefully mark the beginning of the end of the COVID-19 pandemic. This process is evolving every day and has many implications within the world of health care. The effort to vaccinate the entire country, not to mention the entire world, will be a massive undertaking and will require patience, strategic planning, logistics, and effective tracking.

There will be an overwhelming demand for qualified personnel to assist with this effort, which will make a career in healthcare even more important. If you are thinking about a career in healthcare, here is what the new vaccine and the effort to distribute it may mean for people in these various occupations.

Clinical Medical Assistants

The initial vaccination effort is concentrating on front line hospital workers and long-term care personnel and residents. As the supply of and demand for the COVID-19 vaccine increases, doctor’s offices and clinics may be a location for the general public to obtain a vaccine. Doctor’s offices already administer many types of routine vaccines, such as tetanus, measles, and influenza. Clinical Medical Assistants are a current part of the essential team within these settings and help them operate efficiently by working with patients to record their health information and history, blood draws, administer injections, perform routine tests, and measure vital signs like blood pressure.

Clinical Medical Assistants may play an even more important role if doctor’s offices become COVID-19 vaccination sites, as there will be more people visiting these sites requiring assistance.

Licensed Practical Nurses

A recent brief from the National Council of State Boards of Nursing stated that the new COVID-19 vaccine can be administered safely by licensed practical nurses. If more people decide to get vaccinated against COVID-19, Licensed Practical Nurses may be called upon to assist with the effort along with other health care professionals.

Medical Office and Billing Professionals

The Medical Office Administration staff plays a pivotal role in keeping records and medical offices running behind the scenes. These important health care team members are instrumental in making sure administrative duties are being completed such as keeping records up-to-date, scheduling appointments, as well as medical billing and coding. As the vaccine becomes more available and is offered to more segments of the population, coordinating the vaccination effort will require trained personnel at many venues that offer the service, such as hospitals, clinics, or doctors’ offices. With all the extra administrative support, this effort will require Medical Office and Billing professionals will be needed more than ever before.

The New Vaccine and Implications for Health Care Professionals

Because the effort to vaccinate so many people across the globe is such a large and urgent task, the need for trained medical professionals could be more important than ever. Front line health care workers have been the unsung heroes during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the need for and appreciation for their efforts is unprecedented. As the situation evolves and we learn more about new pathogens and emerging technologies, healthcare workers’ need for and support will play a crucial role in navigating care and working with patients. We at Blue Cliff College are incredibly grateful to all our health care workers for their selfless and tireless efforts during this unprecedented pandemic and are hopeful for the future.





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