4 Key Benefits of Enrolling in an LPN training program

lpn training program

Do you wish to pursue a career in the medical field, but you’re still unsure of which path to take? No worries! A great place to begin your journey into the medical field is through an LPN training program. Enrolling in licensed practical nurse classes could help qualify you for an entry-level position in the healthcare field as well as give you a strong foundation of practical nursing skills.

Becoming an LPN (licensed practical nurse) is a respected profession of service to others! Receiving an LPN education could help you gain new skills and increase your medical knowledge. After successfully graduating from an LPN training program, you could play a vital role in a healthcare team and positively impact someone’s life. If this sounds like something you want, continue reading to discover four key benefits of enrolling in an LPN training program!

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Key Benefit # 1 – Attain New Skills in an LPN training program

Becoming an LPN is a highly valued career that comes with significant responsibilities. As an LPN, you could have the opportunity to work under this guidance of skilled doctors and registered nurses while providing basic care to patients in need1. By enrolling in an LPN training program, you could benefit from learning LPN tasks such as:

  • Taking patient vital signs
  • Changing bandages on wounds or sores
  • Inserting catheters properly
  • Ensuring the patient is comfortable, bathed, and dressed
  • Communicating plan of care with patients
  • Offering a listening ear to your patient’s health concerns2

Not only could you learn how to perform routine practical nurse responsibilities in practical nursing programs, but you could also learn soft skills such as problem-solving and critical thinking skills! These abilities could help you complete tasks correctly and ethically for the benefit of your patients.

LPN training programs also educate their students in the current legal, ethical, moral, and cultural issues in the healthcare system. Learning these crucial skills is only one of the many benefits of completing an LPN training program.


Key Benefit # 2: Fast and Flexible Learning Experience

Are you tired of putting your dreams on the backburner? Well, we’ve got good news! You could complete an LPN training program in as little as 15 months! Taking licensed practical nursing classes could provide you with vital skills as well as offer you a head start on your healthcare journey. After successfully graduating and passing the NCLEX-PN exam, you could begin your new career in the medical field and achieve your goals.

For those wanting to get an education on their time, many LPN training programs may also offer flexible class scheduling for convenient learning. Why should you have to sacrifice your personal goals, relationships, or even your hobbies to get an education? Taking licensed practical nursing classes could help you reach your personal and professional goals on your time, your way.


Key Benefit # 3: Projected Growth in the Field | Becoming an LPN

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment of licensed practical and licensed vocational nurses (LPNs and LVNs) is currently projected to grow 11 percent from 2018 to 20283! Louisiana, for example, is currently one of the top five states with the highest employment rate of LPNs4. This is good news for those considering investing their time and money into licensed practical nursing classes. As people continue to age and require the help of doctors and nurses, LPN’s could be highly sought out for their services and expertise5! If you live in Louisiana and want to pursue this career path, these positive statistics are just another added benefit of becoming an LPN!


Key Benefit # 4: Diverse Work Environments

Have you dreamed of working in a hospital, doctor’s office, or even one-one with patients in their homes? Look no further! These are all possibilities for aspiring LPNs!

If you are looking for a career that could offer diverse work settings to choose from, becoming an LPN may be the path for you. After completing your licensed practical nurse classes and successfully passing the NCLEX-PN exam, you could work in many different places including:

  • Nursing and residential care facilities
  • Hospitals
  • Doctor’s Offices
  • In-home healthcare services

Due to patients needing medical services 24 hours a day, many LPNs work full-time6. LPN shift schedules may vary from day to evening shifts, or even weekends depending on the setting. Becoming a licensed practical nurse could offer you the opportunity to find the workplace that is best for you and your schedule.


Advance Your Career with Licensed Practical Nursing Classes at Blue Cliff College

If you live in Louisiana and have been wondering “Are there practical nursing classes near me?”, consider enrolling in the Licensed Practical Nurse training program at Blue Cliff College! Here, at Blue Cliff College, we have created licensed practical nurse classes with your success in mind. We challenge our students to problem solve, develop critical thinking skills, and understand the various issues of today’s health care communities.

Our Licensed Practical Nurse diploma program at our Metairie, LA campus, can be completed in as little as 15 months, giving you the freedom to begin and complete training in just a little over a year! Are you ready to impact someone’s life and build a rewarding career in the healthcare field? Don’t wait any longer! Take the first step today with Blue Cliff College!


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