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Are you looking for a challenging and meaningful career? If you answered” yes,” then being a medical office administrator might be for you! You can have the opportunity to work in the admirable healthcare profession as a behind-the-scenes superhero ensuring medical offices run smoothly.

As a medical office administrator or MOA, you are the business operations of a doctor’s office. You can play a critical role in providing excellent patient care. Maintaining and managing medical records, charting medical records, stocking supplies, and checking patients’ records are among your daily duties. If you want to become a treasured asset in healthcare, you must do the work to fulfill the requirements.

Continue reading to learn how to become a medical office administrator and learn valuable information about the field. Think about enrolling in online classes for medical office administration to help get your career started!


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A Glimpse of a Medical Office Administrator’s Daily Tasks

Medical office administration is concerned with the administrative aspects of a medical office. Medical settings can range from hospital facilities to medical offices of healthcare professionals; no matter the clientele, administration is needed to keep the place operating smoothly.

MOA’s focus on overseeing practices and procedures within a healthcare organization. Their responsibilities include a variety of functions such as:

  • Setting budgets for the facility
  • Ensuring the facilities adhere to health laws and regulations,
  • Implementing new methods to increase efficiency and patient care within their facility
  • Answer telephones and take messages or transfer calls
  • Schedule appointments and update event calendars
  • Arrange staff meetings
  • Handle incoming and outgoing mail and faxes
  • Prepare memos, invoices, or reports
  • Edit documents
  • Maintain databases and filing systems
  • Perform basic bookkeeping¹

Having experience in an office setting and training in the skills required to run a healthcare facility will prepare you for this career. You can learn how to fulfill the necessary skills required to be a Medical Office Administrator by enrolling in a medical office administration school.


Skills You’ll Need in Medical Office Administration

Both interpersonal and technical skills are crucial for medical office administration careers. Students who enroll in a medical office administration program will learn these skills.

Technical Skills involve having expertise in data entry, scheduling, and competence in medical terminology. MOA’s need to be proficient in medical terminology and in the medical database management software. This allows them to enter patient visits and care into the databases. These database records are proof of the care patients received, which enables the facility to get reimbursed for those services.

Effective Communication is also a requirement to becoming a successful medical office administrator. As a medical administrator, you are tasked with communicating with doctors, health care professionals, and patients. Medical administrators are at the forefront of all aspects of healthcare and interact with all the medical systems. They need to understand patient needs and be professional and friendly to all participants involved.

Professors will instruct students on technical and interpersonal skills during online medical office administration classes. Be sure to select a school that provides hands-on learning in these areas.


How to pick an Online Medical Office Administration Program

When deciding to enroll in an online medical office administration school, you should ensure that all your questions are answered. Many prospective students have questions regarding the program costs, length, accreditation and certification. When looking for a school, make sure you talk to administration offices before saying yes.

Medical office administration courses also shall be thoroughly analyzed, ask for a course outline, and inspect the course details. By looking over course titles and descriptions, you learn what information you need to know as a medical office administrator.

Classes should align to daily tasks such as:

  • Medical Administrative Procedures
  • Medical Office Management
  • Laws & Ethics in the Healthcare Workplace
  • Billing and Collection Procedures
  • Handling and Producing Electronic Health Records

Many medical office administration programs can be completed in under two years. Certification and program requirements and length vary by state, so it is important to call your state medical board for information.


Medical Office Administration Jobs

As a medical office administration graduate, you can work as an entry-level medical secretary in a doctor’s office, clinic, hospital, or health insurance company. As you gain valuable experience, you can achieve higher positions with increased responsibilities such as an accounting clerk, medical biller, medical record technician, data entry, and more.


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