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So, you’re looking for a more exciting career change, or maybe you’ve just left school. Of course, everybody wishes they could enjoy the work they do… and if it comes with job security and a good salary, then that would be your dream job, right?

Well, a career in Healthcare Administration in billing and coding could be the perfect solution for you.

Are you organized and a great communicator with an impressive focus on attention to detail? Then you should definitely explore some of the incredible healthcare industry options where these skills are highly valued.


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What is Healthcare Administration?

Healthcare Administration always has, and always will, be vital in the day-to-day running of our healthcare industry. Often working closely with Doctors and Nurses, Healthcare Administration forms the vital role of recording healthcare facilities’ patient diagnoses through to treatments and making them accessible to staff and, if required, a patient’s insurance company.

For example, Medical Billers and Coders have become fundamental to patients receiving the correct treatments promptly. They also play a pivotal role in ensuring that the medical facilities receive payments for the medical services they provide.

Not only are they vital members of the medical staff, but they also enjoy the fact that no two days are ever the same because Medical Billers and Coders are involved in various tasks, including:

  • Documenting patient records, including symptoms, diagnosis, and treatments
  • Updating clinical databases, and registries
  • Allocating clinical codes using medical classification software
  • Preparing, submitting, and processing insurance claims, invoices, and payments

Due to the nature of the role, a career in Healthcare Administration, you can choose a position that has you interacting with colleagues. Or, if you prefer, the opportunity to work from home without the need for patient contact.


How Do You Start a New Career in Healthcare Administration?

Training to join the healthcare industry doesn’t take very long; in fact, did you know Healthcare Administration training can be completed in just 12 months? However, finding a school that can prepare you for every aspect of a new career in Healthcare Administration is essential.

Healthcare administration classes provide an opportunity to learn and practice the required skills needed, including learning about:

  • Medical terminology
  • Physiology, pharmacology, and anatomy
  • Medical administrative procedures
  • Electronic health records management
  • Billing and coding software programs and applications
  • Medical laws and ethics

Here at Blue Cliff College, we provide fantastic flexible learning opportunities through our on-campus and online course modules. Additionally, we also offer students clinical externships, or simulated Capstone course options, as these provide you the opportunity to practice these skills in a real-world environment.

Created by healthcare industry experts, our Billing and Coding (HIMBC) program provides students with the skills and clinical experience desired by healthcare facilities looking to recruit graduates.


Does a Career in Healthcare Administration Pay Well?

Because of the critical role health information management plays within medical facilities across the country, the salaries reflect this need. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), a career in Healthcare Administration can command a salary above the national average.

Not surprisingly, the BLS has calculated that the median annual wage for Medical Records Specialists was higher than average at $46,660 in 2021, with the top 10% earning over $74,200 per year.¹


Great, but What Is the Job Outlook for a Career in Healthcare Administration?

So, we now know a career in Healthcare Administration pays well. Still, it gets even better as the Bureau of Labor Statistics has also projected above-average growth of 7% in the field. Because the BLS is predicting 14,900 new openings in the industry each year, on average, over the decade.²

Additionally, many Billing and Coding (HIMBC) program graduates progress into other areas of the healthcare industry. With experience and further education, graduates from healthcare administration classes can also achieve advanced careers as Health Information Technologists, Medical Registrars, or Medical and Health Services Managers, according to the BLS.³


Where Can I Work as a Healthcare Administrator?

With nearly all healthcare facilities requiring health information management specialists, this offers a fantastic opportunity to choose an ideal workplace environment to suit you. That’s because a new career in Healthcare Administration could provide opportunities to work in:

  • State, local or private hospital
  • Doctor and physicians’ offices
  • Sports and rehabilitation clinics
  • Medical billing and insurance companies
  • Law offices
  • Retirement homes and long-term care facilities

Additionally, jobs such as Medical Billing and Coding can offer you the chance to work from home. Alternatively, opportunities also exist to become a freelancer and work for a number of medical facilities or even work part-time.


Kick Start Your Career in Healthcare Administration With Blue Cliff College!

Exciting new opportunities don’t appear very often, so a new career in Healthcare Administration could be the perfect solution. Here at Blue Cliff College, our Billing and Coding (HIMBC) Program can provide you with the ideal platform to achieve a rewarding career in health information management.

Purposely designed to allow you to study around your current life and work commitments, several courses are available, including our:

  • 12 months – HIMBC Diploma Campus Day Course (65 Credit Hours)
  • 15 months – HIMBC Diploma Campus Night Course (65 Credit Hours)
  • 15 months – HIMBC Diploma Online Course (65 Credit Hours)
  • 7.5 – 9 months – HIMBC Degree Online Course (99 Quarter Credit Hours)

Here at Blue Cliff College, we’re local too! So, if you’re looking for healthcare administration classes in Louisiana or Mississippi, speak to Blue Cliff College about our campus locations in Alexandria and Gulfport today.




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