If you’re considering a career in healthcare, you made a great choice! Jobs in the medical field are challenging and rewarding to those that get training to start entry-level work as a healthcare professional. The good news is jobs in this industry are plentiful, and employers are looking for qualified medical technicians.

What’s a good career option for me within the healthcare industry? You may want to consider a dialysis tech training program. You could make a difference in the lives of patients with chronic kidney failure and end-stage renal disease while performing dialysis technician duties. Those duties could be performed in hospitals, doctor’s offices, or other types of medical facilities.

If you’re in the great state of Mississippi, you could search for a “dialysis technician school near me” to start learning about what it takes to become a dialysis tech in your area. There’s a dialysis tech program close to home that could fit your career and lifestyle needs. So, let’s continue reading to find out why you should enroll in a dialysis tech training program and more about dialysis technician duties.


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#1 Rewarding Career

Are you interested in making a difference in someone’s life? Performing dialysis technician duties could surely make that difference for many people. It’s a rewarding way to learn and grow in the medical field while helping others get well.

Dialysis technicians learn their craft by enrolling in a dialysis tech training program that includes comprehensive courses on the vital skills you’ll need to use daily. Dialysis technician classes will enable students to accomplish the following dialysis technician duties:

  • Assembling and sterilizing the dialysis machine
  • Checking a patient’s chart
  • Administering local anesthesia
  • Starting dialysis according to the prescription
  • During dialysis, the technician checks the anticoagulant and fluid rates and adjusts them as needed
  • And so much more¹

Dialysis tech programs could show you how important it is for patients with kidney disease to receive their treatment. If you want a rewarding career where you could surely impact someone’s life, consider searching for a “dialysis technician school near me.”


#2 Short Education

You may be asking the question: “how long is dialysis technician school?” A dialysis tech training program could take you 12 months to complete. So in one year, you could receive your diploma and start your career!

Most dialysis tech programs offer you a short education with classes that work around your schedule. However, they understand that many students have other work and family commitments that require either in-person or online dialysis technician classes. Searching for that right “dialysis technician school near me” could be crucial to completing your education.


#3 There will always be a need for dialysis technicians

Kidney disease is an unfortunate reality for some of us. Fortunately, there are innovative treatments for those suffering from one of the many types of kidney afflictions. Thus, there will always be a need for kidney healthcare practitioners, including dialysis technicians.

The medical technician field will continue growing at an above-average rate of 12 percent through 2026¹. Therefore, if you’re interested in a career that has a positive outlook in the medical industry, a dialysis tech program may be a consideration.


#4 Work Environment

Dialysis technician duties are performed at many different types of healthcare facilities. Graduating from a dialysis tech training program will prepare you to work in hospitals or other medical clinics. But they also work in laboratories or private doctor’s offices as well¹. There are even in-home dialysis programs where the tech goes to the patient’s home to perform the dialysis.


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